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Guardiola resolutely left Barcelona

Размещено by playerhot 
Guardiola resolutely left Barcelona
March 17, 2017 04:17AM
In @#$%& to prove himself, Guardiola resolutely left Barcelona, ??began a gorgeous adventure. It should be said that after he came to Bayern Munich, Guardiola made some success, the league's three consecutive championships, the German Cup also champion, but in the Champions cheap fifa 17 coins League, there's no breakthrough, or even failed to break into the finals. But Guardiola in the tactical changes was acclaimed.

Of course, Guardiola also was helpless. Tonight the game against the Stoke City was the epitome of entire season. Guardiola wanted to kick out gorgeous soccer, but Manchester City has no such players. If he wanted to completely change the DNA of Manchester City, Guardiola really needed time.

After all, this is only the first year that Guardiola came to Manchester City. His tactical revolution has not been successful. Although in the course of @#$%& fifa 17 coins revolution, Guardiola may make mistakes, such as having too much confidence in Bravo and so on, in general, Guardiola's team is full of hope.

At the legendary night of Barcelona's reversal, Guardiola left lonely. To build a Manchester City dynasty, or to prove himself to the world, Guardiola needs time.SEE more fifa details in futshop now.. come on!
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