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About the future coach of Manchester United

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About the future coach of Manchester United
April 12, 2017 05:03AM
Gary Neville: I did not think about the future coach of Manchester United

Gary Neville says his future may not be coached Manchester United, while he is currently focused on the long-term plan in Valencia.

Gary's first show in Valencia ended in failure, lost 0-2 at home to Lyon in the Champions League, did not qualify in the Champions League group, fell into the European fifa 17 ultimate team coins Cup competition.

Before the end of the European Cup in 2016, Gary Hodgson is still in the national team's assistant. When asked about their long-term planning, he said he now considers only Valencia.

Whether there is return to Old Trafford as coach of the fifa 17 points account plan, Neville said: "No, I do not think they will Manchester United coach I know what I want to do in life, but did not consider it.

"For me, this is very important coaching opportunity, but also a valuable experience. I know I need to win. For me, the victory means the players learned has improved.

"I know this line to speak with the results, but since retired, I never look at how football. As I look at players, but the team as a partner, I give more consideration to make fifa 17 points progress in the next five to ten years . "See more of the game details by [www.futshop.net] now...come on, so thanks!
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